This will be my last post on 25dp. This site will remain up for about a year or so, so you can check the archives, etc. But a majority of my posting will be done at www.southdacola.com. We are still trying to figure out how to archive this site over there, and if we accomplish that, we will move it over sooner then a year.


Hold tight my little Detroiters. There may be some changes to 25dp coming soon. I may be moving everything over to my more popular site www.southdacola.com and archiving the best of 25dp.

Hold tight.


12 x 24″ – Acrylic on canvas


‘Step Right Up’

Aprox 50″ x 16″ – Mixed Media on Wood


Computer illustrated, hand accented giclee’s



Here’s a quick logo I knocked out last night for Ben’s Brewing Co. in Yankton. Guess it has something to do with the college there . . . you mean college kids drink beer? Get out!

Golly, could this week get any better? It seems Janklow’s favorite Alternative Press figured out their rag just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Their ‘Entertainment’ editor is leaving for greener pastures (and more ice) and moving to Fargo. I’ll miss old tube socks Boberta, we have had an interesting relationship, let’s just say we were’nt ‘Friends’. He did have some words of wisdom for me in his last column though. And I thank him for it. But unlike his employer I don’t have PC editors looming over me and deciding what I can and cannot say on my Blog. You’ll be missed.

Is Bob Keyes coming back?

His love note to me:

“Hate that the most outspoken voices in Sioux Falls come from some of the most ignorant mouths in the crowd. Please, somebody with intelligence and scope, start talking or writing or painting or something. Don’t let the dunces with blogs or political buttons have the final say.”


I went into the archives and found this post from June of 2006:

Well I was doing a little end of the year email cleanup and I came across these 2 emails I sent to Argus Leader entertainment columnist, Robert Morast.

I’m in a better mood now.


June 22, 2006


Your column today was funny, was that a humourous piece, like the one you
wrote about pyramids and arcades?

Um, I don’t recall Sumlin playing in Dylan’s or Joni Mitchell’s band. Did I
miss something? As far as I remember he was Howlin Wolf’s guitar player and
had a short stint with Muddy Waters. Every guitar player from Clapton to
Richards have said they were influenced by him. But folk? Come on Bob! You
read to many comic books!

Also, I love the cleanup job your fellow under-paid co-workers had to do with
Laurel at Food and Ferm, making a cute little video about her cooking skills.
How did that make you feel? I felt bad for you. I mean, really, how can you be
a ‘cutting edge’ reporter when your co-workers are constantly apologizing for
your inaccurate and editorialized style of reporting? Makes you wonder why
readership is down?

Maybe you should start a couple more meaningless magazines. Here’s some ideas:

Jana’s guide to successful kid’s birthday parties

Eric’s magazine about nothing

Everything you need to know about grunge bands and some other made up stuff.

It’s been fun,


July 1, 2006


I was a little upset you didn’t write me back last time, maybe your email
wasn’t working, you were in the middle of the Star Wars Triology or you were
giving Nick Simon a backrub, who knows, who cares? We both know neither one of
us have time for the truth.

Your two articles this week got me laughing once again (U shur ar’ pro-lific).
I’m not going to comment on the downtown one even though I will give you
credit on the drug reference, very clever, I never knew you had it in you.

Though many things were factually wrong with your Joan Jett article (which
we’ve come to expect out of you) I want to instead focus on your comment about
Courtney Love being the Queen of Rock. I had to go home early for lunch today
because I pissed my pants laughing after reading that. Courtney Love has
contributed only one thing in her life, she had Kurt Cobain’s child, that’s
it! (oh, and she keeps a lot of farmers in Afghanistan in business).

Though Joan is a contender for the position of Queen of Rock, I would probably
give the title to Patti Smith or Etta James. Blobby, it is really time you
stopped wearing diapers and threw away your ‘Nevermind’ CD.

Tube Socks and Stocking Caps forever!

PS- I think I’m going to start emailing Jana from now on instead of you. Her
three stars to the Pizza Ranch contributed partially to my soiled pants.
Maybe ‘I’ should start wearing diapers.

Jade used to live in SF with some of my friends, he had door as a coffeetable, a mean right hand and two broken arms.

Check out his mumblings:





These guys were pretty amazing. The first set was kind of boring, but they really heated up. I still have the accordian playing in my head.

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