25 Dollar Art

This year for JazzFest they are offering a ‘ART POSTER’ for sale, for people who collect them.

I will be signing & numbering 200 copies. They are printed giclee’s on art archival paper, 8.5 x 17″

Check them out at the merch stand this year.



This is my experiment with minamalism. I have been fooling around with my new digital camera, and it seems some of the settings create these kind of images, with a little help of photoshop.

This is from a photo that I took that I changed into a duotone.

I’m not a fan of this kind of art, but what the heck, I thought I would give it a try.

‘Play it Jim’
Tempera and acrylic
24 x 30”
Private Collection of Boney and Greenwood



24 x 36″ w/a 1 x 4″ Wood Frame

This is a mounted giclee on canvas that I painted with mixed media. It’s from photos I took of David and Falls Park.

David was a gift of Thomas Fawick to the city of SF in 1971. But Fawick Park use to be a gaslight refinery in 1881. Remember a few years back when the EPA dug up the park and cleaned up the mess? And the local politicians didn’t know where to put David (it was about the pee-pee again).


I enjoyed Paul’s letter, it just proves the arrogance that exists in these organizations, and their resistance to a FREE society. The other ironic part is that Paul wrote the letter (sits on the board at SW and PAV). It seems he couldn’t recruit any artist to defend their policies). Funny.

A couple of things JUMPED out at me in the letter; There is a part where he basically tells artists to ‘Shut up and Paint.’

He also talks about ‘Clairity’ in life. Hate to break you the NEWS Paul, but both of these PROGRAMS are publicly funded, therefore we require them to be transparent. That’s that FREE SOCIETY thing that artists and newspapers alike bring up ever so often. I suggest you pick up a copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and take a gander at it.


Art judged openly, fairly
By Paul K. Schiller

I would like to disagree with our troubled artisans who feel that they need crystal clear governance in the judging of art for Arts Night at the Washington Pavilion. This is the same argument and noise they put forth in the judging of SculptureWalk.

Arts Night is a fundraiser for the Visual Arts Center, and submissions of art are voluntary. When an artist submits work into these “competitions,” you do so knowing that it’s a credible organization that has a fair and qualified selection process. That is the case with both the Washington Pavilion’s Arts Night and our ever-popular SculptureWalk.

A funny thing happened on the way to Arts Night this year. Ninety artists submitted work for a fundraising auction that had room for about 60 pieces. In past years the Arts Night committee was lucky to receive 50 to 60 pieces of art. The event is growing in popularity with both artists and art buyers. The result is a sold-out event with a great selection of quality art. The uneventful result of this year’s success was the fact that some pieces had to be rejected.

So we’re back to openness and fairness. I find the art-judging process open and fair. Have I had my art rejected in other competitions? Yes. Does it feel good? No. But rejection results in one of two things: You go around and complain about the process not being open and fair, or you go back and create better art for next year’s competition.

If that’s not satisfactory, then I suggest if you want absolute clarity in all forms of life, you could partner with the Argus Leader and take on their quest for total transparency in city and state government!


This year’s Art of Jazz was at the Touch of Europe on April 27. The artists involved besides me were; Rob Arlt, Jamie Scarbrough & the lovely Hope Happeny. We produced three very solid images that will be later stretched and auctioned at the SFJB Jazz & Brews event.









Harry Houdini
Mixed Media on Canvas
10 x 14″ – Unframed




The Argus FINALLY printed this letter. Unfortunately they did not print the toon I did to go along with it. Oh well. You can see that below:

It seems the Washington Pavilion Arts Night Committee is taking a page from SculptureWalk when it comes to selecting art. Arts Night’s secret jurors used vague criteria to pick who could donate to Arts Night this year.

When Arts Night started just six years ago, the Pavilion had no problem with begging local artists to donate. Last year though they started to jury the event because of it’s popularity. That’s right, the same organization that asks for money from the city every year to subsidize it’s programs rejects donations from local artists. Thirty-four artists were rejected this year which approximately could have brought in over $25,000 in additional funds to the Visual Arts Center. Funds that help keep the VAC free throughout the year.

I was one of the artists who was rejected. As an artist who has submitted art to many juried shows, I know rejection is common place, I do not take issue with rejection. What makes this show different then other juried shows is that the jury is kept secret and criteria for rejection is kept vague. Each rejected artist received a form letter as to why they were rejected. What also makes this odd is the rejection of a donation. Especially from artists who have been giving to the event for several years.

The Pavilion has oodles of excuses as to why they limit their submissions, and some of them are acceptable: quality, saleability etc. What is unacceptable is keeping jurors secret and criteria vague – especially in a publicly funded facility.

I questioned David Merhib, the Visual Arts Center Director, for specifics on why I was rejected and who the jurors were. He denied me the information. It is important that jurors are made known for several reasons, and retaliation is not one of them, that assertion is ridiculous. Commonly it is out of respect for the artist. Being judged by unknowns is unusual in juried shows.

Rejecting art on it’s own merits is fair. Rejecting art because you disagree with an artist’s personal beliefs is shallow. When will the art organizations in Sioux Falls learn that secrecy only creates suspicion?

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