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Mixed Media/collage on Canvas


Okay, everyone knows I can’t keep a F’nkn secret very long. This is my themed painting project I have been working on; Paintings influenced by Tom Waits’ songs. I have seven completed (I posted 5 of them) I have to take pictures of the last two I did, ‘Romeo is Bleeding’ and ‘Pasties and a G-string’.

I’m not sure how many I will do, but as my close friends know, I am a monster fan of his music, I often refer to him as GOD. I have always been opposed to THEMED SHOWS but I really didn’t want to show in Sioux Falls anymore and I needed a niche. It is something I have thought about for a long time and thought it was appropriate. I’m currently working on trying to get a show in San Fran or Minneapolis, will see how that goes.

The one I am working on now is ‘Buzz Fledderjohn’s Yard’ (sp?)

This one is my first in the series:

Red Shoes

Mixed Media on Canvas


Chocolate Jesus

Mixed media on wood (shrink wrapped)


Kentuchy Avenue

Mixed Media on Canvas


Christmas card from a Hooker in Minneapolis

Mixed Media on Canvas (Model: Betty Page)


‘The Black Rider’

2-Separate paintings

Acrylic on Canvas





The cast and crew will have a private screening before the first of the year and I will do private screenings over the next year. It will be entered in several film festivals over the next year, and rules and guidelines prevent us from showing it for money or selling DVD’s.

for those of you who can’t remember what the documentary is about, here is a brief synopis:


The Color of Sound – Music Inspires Art was an interactive concert featuring local visual artists and musicians.
Four talented Sioux Falls artists, Hope Happeny, Eyob Mergia, Scott Ehrisman & Jamie Scarbrough, created several paintings on canvas while listening to the region’s premier Jazz and Blues Bands — Dakota Jazz Collective & Urban Blues. The five-hour event included three 45-minute sets of unique performance art.

“We have high expectations for this film as a public educational tool,” Sioux Falls musician Jess Christen said.  “The Color of Sound – Music Inspires Art was independently produced by the artists and musicians involved. We are very proud of this aspect.”  “This event exhibited the relationship between visual art and music,” Eyob Mergia said, “and hopefully evoke cultural awareness by presenting the artistic diversity in our community.”

DIRECTOR: Chris Carlblom
Ex. PRODUCER: Scott L. Ehrisman

Dakota Jazz Collective is: Jim Speirs, Chris Janzen, Matt Hackett, John Kelly, and Bobby Gripp

Urban Blues is: Jess Christen, Fred Epstein,  Dave Fermenich and Derek Snow

Dedicated in memory of Razmik ‘RAZ’ Mkhitarian, Sioux Falls biggest Jazz Fan

FOR SALE – $100

11 x 14″ – Unframed – Acrylic on Canvas


Here is an ad I came across today in a graphic design magazine. It is for fruity flavored lubricant. Looks good, they have another one with a raspberry. Wonder what they will do with the banana flavored one?

Gotta go, Lou Reed is calling.


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