Today they put up the photos of the Arts Night ‘WINNERS’

A part of me is kind of glad I’m not it it. Very typical. What I can’t figure out is they said they wanted some diversity in the show, yet there was NO shadow boxes in the exhibit. A lot of photography (which usually doesn’t catch as much as paintings or sculpture) and more landscapes then you can throw a stick at.

And they wonder why the art doesn’t bring much?

The numbers According to my count (you know, that diversity thing)

Fabric – 1

Glass – 2

Prints (1 Screen, 1 etching, 1 woodcut) – 3

Drawings/portraits etc. – 5

Sculpture – 5

Pottery/Ceramic – 6

Paintings (Watercolor, oils, acrylics) Landscapes/nature – 9

Photography/Giclee – 11

Paintings (Contemporary, Mixed media, abstract) – 17


I find it hard to believe that jurying has to do with diversity. Photos and Landscapes come in at #2 and #3 placements. This seems odd to me.