Twenty-Five dollar paintings is a underground art revolution featuring outsider art, political cartoons and commentary by controversial South Dakota artist Detroit Lewis (aka Scott L. Ehrisman). Lewis has developed into one of the most high-profile artists currently working in the Midwest. He is an acknowledged leader among the more cutting-edge artists within the local art community. Some sources of inspiration for Lewis are, the highly commercialized culture surrounding popular music, performance art, and a Dada-inspired appreciation for nonsense. Perhaps most significantly, Lewis has a common belief that satirical humor can be used as a means for exploding the cultural myths and commonly held social preconceptions of our society. Lewis believes that it is his duty as an artist and as a socially responsible human being to serve as a cultural iconoclast. He attacks and breaks our society's false idols, and in so doing seeks to pull back the curtains of prejudice and hypocrisy that hide the cultural truths that we often choose not to face. Though his art might superficially suggest otherwise, Lewis is in fact an idealist.