This will be my last post on 25dp. This site will remain up for about a year or so, so you can check the archives, etc. But a majority of my posting will be done at We are still trying to figure out how to archive this site over there, and if we accomplish that, we will move it over sooner then a year.


Hold tight my little Detroiters. There may be some changes to 25dp coming soon. I may be moving everything over to my more popular site and archiving the best of 25dp.

Hold tight.


You missed out on Friday if you didn’t see them play the Touch of Europe, they played some Buddy Miles -Band of Gypsies tunes in his memory. Psychodelic Man.

But you can still get your groove on this Friday or Saturday.


This was a coat of arms I did for a married couple. It is a pen and Ink and watercolor pencil drawing.



12 x 24″ – Acrylic on canvas


‘Step Right Up’

Aprox 50″ x 16″ – Mixed Media on Wood


I traveled to Omaha this weekend to see Daniel Johnston and also ate a place called the Bohemian Cafe. Good stuff (and plenty of parking).





Computer illustrated, hand accented giclee’s



Here’s a quick logo I knocked out last night for Ben’s Brewing Co. in Yankton. Guess it has something to do with the college there . . . you mean college kids drink beer? Get out!

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